Primary Assessment Matters

Assessment for Learning

As Sloan Education Services Ltd/Primary Assessment Matters I bring years of assessment expertise and experience as a teacher, consultant and trainer. I am offering a consultancy service which will be designed to meet the needs of your staff in your school through CPD, monitoring/coaching and upskilling middle managers/assessment leaders.   


Range of Formative Assessment/AfL strategies offered:

An audit of current practice could be an integral part of this package in order to clarify which of the following AfL strategies would be most appropriate to target.

   > Developing and sharing learning objectives/intentions and related success criteria with


   > Developing and using effective questioning skills to probe and check children’s

         understanding, skills and knowledge but also to challenge their thinking

    >  Using effective oral and written feedback to support evaluation of children’s progress,

          clarify standards and identify next steps in learning

    >  Development of peer and self assessment skills to support children in becoming

          independent learners

After attending Shirley Clarke's presentations at the AAIA national conferences, in September 2011 and October 2014, I have used her DVDs/publications:

                                       'The Power of Formative Assessment' DVD

                                      'Outstanding Formative Assessment' DVD/publication

'Children are seen actively engaged in, for example, discussions about intelligence, generating success criteria, evaluating and changing talk partners and cooperatively improving their writing.'

I have used these DVDs/publications with staff in a wide range of schools and all have found it extremely valuable to see 'formative assessment/assessment for learning' in action and which have inspired teachers/teaching assistants to 'have a go' themselves.

 I also offer the following services:

   >  Using summative assessment information formatively

   >  Moderation of summative teacher assessment judgements including the contribution of

            test outcomes

Daily Rates

1 day - £425


1/2 day - £250


 After school (up to 2 hours) - £200


Concessions for multiple

bookings can be negotiated

Assessment of Learning/Summative Assessment